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    flumperino said:

    moan Hack

    Diet 'hack'
    Lifestyle 'hack'
    Parenting 'hack'

    Does this terminology annoy anyone else? The words hint or tip are fine for the above - hacking is an IT thing.

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    Yep, gets on my tits as well. The other one for me is stuff like 'Hack the North' event. It has fuck all to do with hacking but all about running through the dev lifecycle for those who think they are trendy using DevOps techniques. Do a proper project you wanksocks, coding is not about how may post-its you can clear...

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    Life hack use a little washing up liquid when cleaning your dishes and they come up really clean!

    like fucking duh you thick tards!
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    Quote Originally Posted by flumperino View Post
    hack1ng is an IT thing.
    But IT took it from others who would 'hack' through the jungle before computers - put it down to recycling and don't get so upset
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    Latest hack

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