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    Advice Buying from a Dealership Advice

    Hi. I'm in need of a new 2nd hand car and have pretty much narrowed it down to a 2010-12 Hyundai Santa Fe or a Kia Sorrento due to the appeal of 2 extra seats when needed. With the worry of buying a duff I am drawn to getting one from an independent or main stream dealership.

    I have always been poor at negotiating but know you shouldn't pay the screen price on cars. Is there something you should expect to gain by paying a car outright for say 10000 (finance gained elsewhere at better rate) like a length of warranty, tax, reduction in price? The last car I saw was by a independent dealer which was up for 9400. After a lengthy test drive we pointed out 2 areas of repaint needed, new wiper blades and a repair to a side tear in the driver's seat. I was looking to get it for 9k or 9200 with some tax but ended up walking away when the boss decided with the work we pointed out he didn't want to reduce the price at all. I wasn't very popular with the Mrs and kids!

    I have a car to view in a Kia dealer this weekend and hope for any advice, would be great!

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    Default Re: Buying from a Dealership Advice

    Don't get any kind of extended warranty from the dealer
    Don't get the seats/upholstery scotch guarded
    Don't get any GAP insurance if that's been offered
    Don't use their finance, go with cash/credit card
    Go with your partner and get her to argue the toss with you.
    Google the average prices so you know what they are going for
    Check to see if the cars exempt from tax or how much it'll cost
    some cars if they are 6 months older than the newer one might be tax exempt

    learn to Haggle, I do and I saved about 1k on my Mazda
    I saved 400 on the gap insurance
    I saved 80 on the scotch guard. did it myself for less than a tenner
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    Default Re: Buying from a Dealership Advice

    I think a lot of their margin is in the finance commission and the upselling of extra warranties, insurances etc. That's how a lot of second hand dealers work anyway.

    I'm not sure what a main garage would offer really, obviously they cost more, I would expect they would chuck in some free services and a better warranty. To be honest I have always bought private to get the most for my money and have been pretty fortunate, the only things to go wrong were nothing to do with how the car was looked after etc.

    Have you seen any models you fancy on non-dealer forecourts? I thought most businesses have to sell the used cars with warranty, just check what it covers I guess.

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    Default Re: Buying from a Dealership Advice

    Other thing you *should* be able to do is negotiate the best deal based on taking their finance, as they will be making commission from that, then pay the finance off during the cooling off period...

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