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    Default Buy/Sell Tossers

    Why is the majority of people who sell second hand items complete bell ends? The amount of crap I have received from eBay that is falsely described, I wouldn't donate to a charity shop! I stopped using eBay because of this.

    I had found what I thought was a good platform to buy used items from in Shpock which is perfect for local buy and sells, and if a partner is willing to post, becomes a much better option than eBay with no fees. PayPal has now come along and offers buyer protection I imagine at a fee for a seller. Shpock has been great for kids presents etc.

    Now for the whine..... My lads birthday is the end of next month and he loves a purchase from Shpock that we got him for Christmas. It was Anki Overdrive which was a gamble as he is coming up 6 and the age for the game is 8+. He absolutely loves it. With cars being 50 a piece, Lorries 60 and tracks anything from 20 to 150 depending on item, we can't justify buying new. I saw a Fast and Furious edition which sells for 100 currently on Amazon for 80 hardly used with a lorry included. As the app has missions using a lorry, i thought this would make a perfect birthday present. I offered 75 and said I would organise postage as the seller wasn't interested in posting. They lived in Portsmouth and I in North Wales, so postage is the only way to go. They accepted the offer, including payment by PayPal. I got onto Parcel2go and paid the service. I gave the seller 2 drop off locations within a mile, provided the barcode that they had to show to get a printed label also, again to make it hassle free. The item is well packaged so just needed to be but in a bag. Easy I thought. They even sent me a text saying everything was being done and they'll post it the next day.

    A week tomorrow and still not posted! No replies via the Shpock app and now no texts. I have the sellers mobile number, address but currently can't do anything to get them to post it! Why be such a pain in the arse! If I knew anyone who lived near PO9 I would have asked them to collect it if this was too much trouble for the seller. Complete bell ends! If it was any of my children's money, I'd be even more enraged!

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    Default Re: Buy/Sell Tossers

    That's odd..

    Have you called them ?

    If you want to grab their attention I might be able to help either with an ex-dir landline or other point of contact. Just PM me the door number and postcode.

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