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    PC Anthem

    Just wondering if anyone had Played the VIP Demo for Anthem over the last weekend? and what did you think of it?

    There is an open demo this weekend for anyone is interested. You can download it via Origin.

    I thought it was very good for an early demo of it. The voice and facial animations are on point, the storyline seems like its going to be something substantial for a change. All the elements of gameplay come together for an engaging experience. Shooting, looting, co-op mates, and all that. Personally, I can't wait until it's released on Feb 22nd
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    Didn't like it, the connection and disconnection problems aside I didn't like that it seemed a bit like titanfall in that it looked good but had no real sole, the guns all seemed a bit pop pop no real meat or power feel to them. Not quite sure what the final setup is going to be but no offline and not sure there is a campaign as such, forced to play with 4 players so 1,2 or 3 randoms depending on if you can get 4 people together. Not keen on 3rd person shooters and i would describe this as a mixture of Mech warrior, titanfall and the division with a strange feel of final fantasy about it.

    The YouTube streamers who are cry wanking over this it seems nearly all of them got 'invited' to early access, nice trips abroad to play etc and they seem to have targeted mainly Destiny Youtuber's which they obviously see as their purchase target, EA did the normal totally fuck up with piss poor connection problems and rolled out their stock reply 'They are working on resolving the issues' which translated means they will wait for enough people to get fucked off trying until the demand meets the available servers they provided, I also notice a mass of other EA games had issues at the same time as the demo so no doubt they pulled servers from other games cunting everyone wanting to play a EA game.

    I really wanted to like this but just didn't, I played it, played around with the guns, settings, flying, abilities but just didn't find anything about the game that grabbed me or made me want to play it again.
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    Interesting. I never had any issues when connecting initially and must have got lucky with the bugs as the only one that I encountered was the loading screen bug.

    I agree on the weapons but only used the Storm Javalin so guns are secondary as you just use your abilities. As for co-op, you don't have to, I think you can just put it to private and the launch so you are not chucked in with other people, will need to test tomorrow when the open demo is out. I can see this one being much worse with a lot more people wanting to have a go.. May even leave it for tomorrow and just try it on Saturday when its calmed down a little.

    Flying is good but you have to change the mouse and keyboard settings to get it right otherwise it feels like your attached to an elastic band boinging around in the sky which is annoying, if you use a pad though it's much improved. as you said its a mix of multiple games which I have played them all for far too many hours so mixing them all together is basically the ultimate game for me (if they get it right). One of the only reasons I'm playing and that i will play is that i got a free copy with my new RTX graphics card.

    Currently playing Division which I just can't stop seeing the similarities between the two.