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    For months I've been unable to login to eVanquis.

    Every time I try to login it says there is a problem and to call a phone number.

    Every time I've called the number I've been told there is a bug in their system and if I don't have a balance on my account I might not be able to log in. They told me they would be upgrading their systems in January to fix this, but January has come and the problem is still there.

    Every time I've called they suggest to use app on my phone but I have explained my preference is to use my computer and I'm not going to risk spending money on the card then getting fined and ruining my credit rating as I can't login to pay it.

    Today I received a letter in the post apologising for the fact that no-one got back to me for my numerous complaints and the fact they aren't able to give an exact date for when the issue will be resolved. However they have said a cheque for 100 for the inconvenience will be sent in the post

    If anyone else has been suffering the same issue, might be worth putting in a few phone calls and see where you get.

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