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    So I'm round my mum's house and she's moaning about how shit terrestrial TV is. She doesn't like space, horror, zombies etc. The only thing she likes is those dark documentary, real life crime sort of things and a bit of game of thrones. So I go to Netflix and play 'Russian Doll'. On the surface it looks like a Groundhog Day rip off, but my mum liked Groundhog day, sorted! Half way in I start to cringe at the sexual references " my little pussy lips are allergic to latex" (my mum's in her seventies...) but my mums laughing her head off. I t's good, really good. The lead actress is outstanding. Well worth a watch.
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    Just watched the trailer, looks funny as fook.
    Gona give this a go & send to my old mum too.
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    I have seen half of the first episode, might binge watch it tonight
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    looks quite good/funny


    OHHH LOOK I CAN USE SPOILERS, wish others would too
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