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    Default Was given this poor old thing.

    Was given this old sega saturn, no cables or anything. the eject mechanism was broken, managed to repair that.

    Stripped and removed the mother board and that surprisingly looks in good fettle.
    Had a power cable just the old figure 8 type.
    Carefully put it back together loosely and added power I got a green light, when I operated the disc lid button, the drive eye moved, so ordered a A/v scart cable.

    I got to this screen when the A/V cable came, so I gave it a clean 2 hours of my life I wont get back, still needs some more but you can see where I've been, lol.

    So had to get a controller but only managed to get an aftermarket one, the console is alive!
    Got a game demo disc expecting the drive to be dead, but surprisingly that still works.

    It's another console to my growing retro collection, I'll keep an eye out at car boots and the like for some cheap accessories.
    Its not mint by any means but its useable.

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    Default Re: Was given this poor old thing.

    I think the Saturn is the only mainstream console I don't own.

    Just need this and a Neo Geo AES and I'll be happy.

    Thanks to Ganty

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