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Thread: c16 to retro pi

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    Default c16 to retro pi

    My brother gave me his old commodore 16. As anybody who has had a dealing with these knows that the cpu and TED chip were on borrowed time from the out set.
    So I brought an "untested" one from ebay, only to find the Cnuts had harvested the insides.
    With the price of the chips I require I have shelved my bros unit and made a hack up c16/64 Its still work in progress but I keep playing games on it.

    I have a c16 case obviously (with working keyboard)
    Used a keyrah v2 to connect the keyboard to the... ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    Raspberry Pi v3b.
    I have Added a hdmi port and rca with three ports (stereo and video) can never have to many options.
    added a tf extender cable to allow sd cards to be swapped external.
    Using an image that boots directly to vice (commodore 64) ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) made a few tweaks
    going to make an image that boots direct to vice c16 when i get time.
    Overall I'm pleased, I might add a usb port to the rear and power socket for the pi.
    First impression it looks stock, even the power led lights up.
    Still work in progress and needs tidying up, I like the use of the old 9 pin joysticks.
    I made a retro pi image for it so it can play old arcade stuff too, it uses a ps3 wireless controller for that with any effort.


    The power cable isn't going in the front, It running underneath to the rear.
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