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    I don't get anywhere near as much time as I used to. Mainly because I tend to use dry days for cycling, our garden is due to be ripped up and landscaped so nothing to attract macro subjects at the moment and of course any reasonable drone images require a decent drive out somewhere... however, we ARE often treated to gorgeous sunsets over the Mersey so here's 3 shots in different formats.

    A 7 Shot Pano, a Single frame and a 3 shot vertical pano.

    This is the 7 shot pano. I have kept it at 3840 pixles wide so will open nicely on a 4K scsreen. For which, I've provided just the standard link as the forum decreases the sizes. Alternatively, right click and choose view image.

    Main Link for viewing larger -
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    The single frame

    The 3 shot 'vertorama'

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    Thanks BB