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    Default Metal detecting in Norfolk and Suffolk

    Got myself a metal detector and looking for some land to practice on. Getting permissions is difficult and just wondered if anyone on here from Norfolk or Suffolk would let me detect on your land if you have any. Not talking about people's back gardens but actual farmland or other.

    Fully insured with public liability and will treat any land respectfully. Just need somewhere to get started really

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    Default Re: Metal detecting in Norfolk and Suffolk

    Good luck with permission its the hardest part of metal detecting, Id see if there any local clubs you can join or open digs you can attend.
    Clubs tend to get half decent land.

    Thanks to consoles

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    Default Re: Metal detecting in Norfolk and Suffolk

    I see metal detectors around the marsh lands of Felixstowe. They seem to target an area that apparently gets a lot of stuff washed up.
    There is a spot called Felixstowe Ferry and as the tide washes up the mouth of the River Deben it goes along some marshland and round a sort of bend (hard to describe) , then as the tide goes out the water can flow out through the marshes without having to go back around the bend and solid stuff gets caught in the mud but as time has gone on it goes further and a lot that was washed up in the past is now in dry solid land.

    Its a lovely spot we visit regularly.

    Apparently you don't need permission for coast land / river banks (no idea how true) just what a couple of detectors I chatted to told me. One also told me the village of Hemley not for from Felixstowe also has stuff to be found from the river.

    If you do bother with Flx Ferry get some fish from Springtide fisheries (quality fresh stuff) and enjoy the first cafe next to the car park. The other cafe is only good if your eating fish but crap for everything else.

    Also make a day of it and if you have kids you can go crabbing off the right hand side of the ferry jetty. There is a foot ferry that runs from Felixstowe Ferry to Bawdsey in summer, starts next month iirc and Bawdsey is also I'm told great for finding washed up trinkets.

    Thanks to piggzy

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