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    Default Win10 app backup ?

    When reinstalling windows onto an ssd i have always backed up pictures/music/documents/favorites ect.. manually & then reinstalled any applications from fresh which isnt always possible as discs can be lost or damaged.
    I have a laptop with an old game on & its saves which i dont have the CD game to reinstall it.

    I would prefer to do a clean install of the latest build of Win10 & then copy across the pics/music folders plus Games/applications ect including all its reg entries and saves via USB as its a laptop.
    I have looked at win10 recovery, but that is the entire o/s by what i can tell.
    Is this possible to backup applications/games, or is that still beyond the realms of Microsoft ?

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    Default Re: Win10 app backup ?

    I think you need to look into imaging.

    Basic idea is to set up a computer once perfectly, then basically take a complete backup of the hdd/ssd (the backup is called an image).

    Then in the future you can restore the image to the original hdd/ssd or can restore to another hdd/ssd that is same size or larger, and it should (in theory) be a perfect 1:1 copy of the original drive.

    Issues that may come up - Win10 has some kind of fast boot mode which doesn't play ball with a lot of imaging software so need to disable this mode before making image.

    Also if you restore the put drive in a different computer, will probably need to relicense windows* and a lot of other software.

    * This can sometimes be avoided if you are only using one make of PC. Just for example, I like Dells. So when making an image, I will use a Dell OEM windows DVD - this automatically activates using an SLIC table in BIOS so no key is needed for licensing. Then when I restore an image, it can go in any of my other Dells and Windows will automatically activate itself. However I haven't bought a PC since Win10 came out - my experiences are all with XP/7.

    To make/restore images, I love Acronis, although I think there are a few other bits of sw that do the same thing.

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