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    Default IPhone 5SE battery

    Hi, battery performance on this device is failing quickly, nothing really seems to be causing it app wise but it drains very quickly..had a look at health and its capacity is 86%
    I'm thinking of replacing the battery, does anyone have a reliable supplier of half decent battery please? or even a suggestion on how to solve the problem if it's software related please?
    many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: IPhone 5SE battery

    From my experiences it most certainly is the battery ! pretty easy to replace, although having said that, you have to slowly pull the elasticated glue type thing to release the battery and it snapped, well I eventually got the battery out with a lot of digging and prying and the battery was pretty unregognisable after, the next one I did for someone came out with ease. The batteries are the same as used for 5s, I dont have recommendations for reliable source, I just bought them of fleabay around the £7 mark and they worked perfectly.


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    Default Re: IPhone 5SE battery

    I replaced a 5s battery a few years ago it was easy apart from releasing the damn battery from the glue
    broke the plastic tools that came with it trying to pry it out ended up using a flat screwdriver and breaking the battery.

    i believe mine was a few quid on eBay too from China.
    i have seen some horror stories about batteries exploding but mine was ok.
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