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    Default Florida/Parks 2021

    Hi, looking to see if anyone can offer some travel advice for a holiday Orlando 2021 for my 50th and my partners sisters 40th. We will all be travelling as a family group. 3 families of 8 adults and 5 children!
    I'd like to book it all separate but I can see them all panicking about that so has anyone done this kind of family trip before?
    I've been to a villa previously but with only a smaller group.

    The hotel resorts seem to be popular(not the disney ones) on trivago etc
    Car hire would be needed and of course park tickets for 3 or 4 days.

    Whats the best options for flights/hotel or villas please?
    I know it's a big area to cover but I know a lot of you travel a lot and will have a far better idea than me of where to start!
    many thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Florida/Parks 2021

    We did this when we got married there.
    Two villas will be ideal swimming pools and on suites,

    We use a company called pillinger travel. google them and just give them a call, there’s a guy there called Gavin he will sort you out with some decent prices,
    We haven’t used anyone else since we used these prices are great and they can do everything for you.

    We have been 7 or 8 time’s now and love Florida so much so we got married there
    Instagram and twitter @mrteajunkie.

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    Default Re: Florida/Parks 2021

    For car hire
    Is who I would recommend as Andy is great and all prices are well below what you get going direct normally.

    Park tickets
    Park tickets either get if only wanting a few days like 3/4 the undercover tourist website is best bet however your probably gonna work out cheaper with a 14 day ticket as these include all water parks and allow to go to multiple parks in a day.

    Miscellaneous things to consider
    If going down hotel/motel route donít forget to factor in resort fees and parking charges as well as parking at theme parks etc.

    2021 is the 50th anniversary of WDW and is set to be a massive year so may be worth taking into consideration also.

    Fly into Sanford if you can as itís not anywhere near as busy as MCO.

    Visitor toll pass free to sign up and saves scrambling for change for toll roads or having to pay rental company back plus there fees etc.

    We are heading back again in June fire me any other questions you have mate and will do my best to answer them.

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