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    Attention Time for a 'new' car, COVID throws spanner in the works.

    Firstly. Yes, I am alive. I hope everyone's doing well. It's been a long time!

    What a fucking ballache coronavirus has been.

    I decided to sell my Nissan Qashqai back in early April. After a lot of time wasters and cheeky cunts, I finally found a buyer and we shook on a price. The next day, Corona hit Cyprus and all the banks shut down their branches and stopped all uneccessary work. This meant my buyer was unable to get his loan processed.

    I told him it's ok and I understand and to let me know when/if the bank can finally sort him out.

    Fast forwart to last week (Thursday, 28th May) and after 2 months of waiting I get the good news that the bank has accepted his application, he would be going the next day so sign the papers and then I'd have to wait a few more days for the transfer.

    So, happy that it was all done, I went that Saturday to look at a car that I'd had my eye on with the intent to just have a look, nothing was such a nice car, that I made a deal with the guy as soon as we finished the test drive. I left a 500 returnable deposit and told the guy to give me this week to sort my money out.

    On Monday, I get a call from my buyer and the cunt's residence permit had expired during the lock down and the bank wouldn't be able to process his paper work until he renewed it. That will take up to 9 days.

    So there I was, absolutely thrilled at selling my car and getting a new one and now I'm stuck in limbo.

    I can't apply for a loan for the new car until my buyer gets his loan sorted. I'm pretty anxious to say the least as I don't want the car I want being given to someone else who isn't fucking around.

    You know how it is, you order your new toy, you're so happy to get it, you want it that instance...then it gets taken away. I'm gutted. I just needed to get it off my chest.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Default Re: Time for a 'new' car, COVID throws spanner in the works.

    Bad times buddy

    I need replace my 2 cars and I'm worried they cancel the MOT extension as both mine are covered by it. Me and the wife's key workers so we need to have cars.

    Then I keep thinking as soon as I arrange the cars I want prices will drop through the floor.

    It's hard to know what to do for the best

    But u know what 6 months down the line we will both be sorted with other worries.

    Plenty people would trade places with us just now.

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