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    Info microsoft is shutting mixer

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    no idea if anyone watches streaming but this seems odd , maybe they just cant compete with twitch. I find it clunkly to use compared to twitch

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    Re: microsoft is shutting mixer

    Low viewer numbers even though they paid big money for the likes of Ninja etc. Reportedly they didn't even tell them before it was announced.
    They can't compete with twitch and YouTube.
    I watch Twitch loads these days. Mixer just never did it for me.
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    Re: microsoft is shutting mixer

    Only thing I used Mixer for was to get my level and points up on Forza Horizon 4. Other than that it was not that good. Ninja went from 30/40+k viewers to like 6k if that. But I cant blame them if they got set for life with the exclusivity deal. Now they are free to go where they want. Its a win win for them.

    But not for the thousands of other Mixer streamers..

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