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    Help Home network

    Are there any network guru's in here able to assist me please.

    I have virgin media hub3, 4 port router with wifi and its a bag of shite for wifi anyway.
    Port 1 and 2 run to the tv feeding an xbox and the tivo box
    Port 3 runs to a 4 port wifi router upstairs at the front of house
    Port 4 runs to a 4 port wifi router airing cupboard on the landing.

    Front upstairs router, 4 port wifi
    Port 1 does to xbox in same room
    Port 2 goes to xbox in room next door
    Port 3 and 4 both go to room below feeding an xbox and cctv

    Landing router 4 port wifi
    Port 1 goes to room closets feeding xbox
    Port 2 goes to main bedroom for pc/laptop
    Port 3 goes to loft for future proof
    Port 4 spare at the mo

    Basically, i would like to put all cables back to 1 location in the airing cupboard on the landing, and then add 2 separate wifi access points, 1 upstairs and 1 down stairs looking at the Ubiquiti UniFi.
    I cannot move my modem to any other place in house due to where virgin has put the incoming cable. I would change the virgin hub to modem mode as it operates better, and use the cat6 cable that goes to the landing wifi router and then run new cables to all other places. Possible 12 to 16 wired connections.

    Few Q.
    What do i need, difference between patch and switch, do i need both. Do i still need to use a router or does the patch or switch do the same as a router

    Thanks inadvance

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    Default Home network

    If your Virgin thing is acting as a router/modem then just get an unmanaged switch. I use three 8 port ones in the house in various places feeding a load of sockets. I use Netgeaar GS108 and if I wanted a 16 port I would just get ehe GS116. I have had a couple of them for years and no issues at all. Just make sure the one you get comes with a UK PSU.

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    Default Re: Home network

    A patch panel is just a panel that you wire network cable into the back and then have a female network port on the front. It's used to make wiring neater and to label ports in a cabinet and then patch cables connect the female ports to the switch. You can skip the patch panel and just have network cables connecting straight into a switch.

    How big is the house and how thick are the walls? A mesh WiFi system is what you want for the WiFi coverage, I have been using Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD a lot recently for installs where there is a large area to cover or thick walls to get through but I have used the cheap Tenda MW3 mesh kits in small properties which have also worked well and various models between the two in cost (TP-Link Deco, Linksys Velop) and all have been very good.

    An example setup would be to leave the Virgin hub where it is and set to modem mode, run a cable from there to the airing cupboard and connect this cable to the WAN port of the mesh WiFi router (the best setup is for the mesh router to be central). You then could have a cable from the mesh router to a switch (16 or 24 port gigabit), then cables from the switch to all of your wired devices. Then you install the mesh nodes wherever you want them and they can be moved as you see fit until you have complete WiFi coverage.

    Otherwise you could have the Virgin hub in modem mode, connect the mesh router to that, have the Xbox and Tivo connected to the mesh router, have a cable from the mesh router run to the airing cupboard to a 16 port switch then run the rest of the cables from there as above and connect the mesh WiFi points.

    Some mesh WiFi can bridge to ethernet to save you running cables to that location, but if you are able to run cables that is my preference. If you wanted it as neat as possible then you could have a compact cabinet in the airing cuboard, run the cables to a patch panel, install the switch and then patch the patch panel to the switch but this is only for aesthetics as I doubt you will be making changes in there often.

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