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    Default Netscape 4.51 question!!!

    At the company I work they use Netscape 4.51 as browser and I have a serious problem with it.

    I want to delete the history from my adress bar so that when I enter adresses in the bar my whole history does not pop up all the time??

    When I click on the arrow pointing down at the end of the adress bar there are numerous previously visited URL's.

    How do I completely clear this cache??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I would try to delete the recently visited url entries in the .js files in your profile directory, but I'm not sure if this will work (but think so)
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    Disclosure said:


    Nope that didn't work, the links however were in there but deleting them did nothing???

    Anyone who could solve this tricky problem, its starting to bug me:LOL:
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    drunk@bar said:


    click edit, select preferences, click advanced, click cache, click the clear memory cache button, click the clear disk cache button, click ok

    NOTE: If these steps fail to resolve your problem, close all open browser windows and open the Internet Options window from the Windows Control Panel.