The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

Thread: The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

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    I've spent hundreds of hours playing that game over the years. Still play it to this day.
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    haziri said:

    Default The best game ever!!!!

    jedi knight 2: jedi outcast is the goodest game of all!!!

    its so fan to poke pepole you dont know with your lightsaber!!

    yeah it rulez!!!
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    Tribes 1 "Demo" played it for bout 2 - 3 years, still plays it sometimes too bad they removed the demo master server when they saw it was geting to big :'(
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    Rrroaaarrr said:


    -The Might & Magic Series...I played them all...1-7 (that was when they eventually got boring...same shit over and over again, but before 8 they were fn awesome!).

    -Duke 3D

    -Diablo 1

    -Lands Of Lore 1 (Best RPG EVER!!!)

    -Jagged Alliance 1 (48 hours without sleep...those were the days )
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    MagiTek said:


    Maximum Pool by Sierra On-Line. Best pool game there is IMO. It's going on 4-5 years old and there's still quite a few leagues, with the most having about 400 people. Spent many many hours on this game, and have been #1 in world a few times
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    thebeholder said:


    FF6 on snes (took me around 120 hours to get all the secrets)
    and probably Civilization on my Atari 520 STE (boosted to 1024 Ram woohoo)
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    Originally posted by rockwaldo
    Dungeon Master on the ST
    -thats right the ATARI ST!!! suck it down Amiga owners, 1 year later you had it, and you never got "oids" either!!! - sorry i digress....

    Dungeon Master truly was a great game.....
    You are so right!

    BTW: download it here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    My fave game, the one that has given me most fun times:

    TRIBES 2!
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    I played Unreal Tournament for a pretty long time. Almost like 2 years of playing that just about every day until it got really stale all of a sudden. So that's probably my favorite game of all time. Had an addiction to diablo 2 LOD until I couldn't take the hacking going on anymore. Took about 8 months :o For console it would either be the SNES zelda (I'm currently playing this on an emulator the last few days) or metroid, followed closely by the NBA Live series for playstation, I used to love the PSX live series, but now that I play them they run like ass.
    PS UT2k3 blows ass I hope cliffyb has an aneurysm. I was hoping that'd be my next gaming landmark, looks like I gotta wait for something else =\
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    Soulshaker said:


    Archon and Defender Of The Crown for C64 were the best.
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    EOF said:


    longest in a day:

    popcorn (a breakout clone)
    Descent 1 (resulting in an incredible headache due to the "360 degrees freedom")
    and more recently at a friend's lan
    almost full day of Quake 3 Rocket Arena

    longest in an extended period of time with breaks:

    Unreal Tournamnet, especialy after a loss at an Unreal Tournament Tournamnet because my stupid opponent picked Cruise II and we ran around withouth meeting 95% of the time and in the end he got lucky with 1 kill difference...nowadays I can beat almost anyone on that map because that loss got me very mad at the map and I must've spent more time on it than people have spent on the whole game with all maps togheter.

    There was a Diablo 1 and then 2 crazyness for more than a month each...I wounder how I got away without having to replace my left mouse button after that one...

    other than these there have been some games that consumed a lot of time but they've been mixed in a variety so it's hart to tell...
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    Originally posted by pillsbury
    For me, it would have to be Sid Meier's Pirates and Civ 2, and I am sad to say it, I don't know if any of you remember a game for the NES called Bubble Bobble, but I played that game so much when I was younger, hell, I still pull out the old nintendo every once in a while to play it. Also, the diablo series got a lot of play time.
    Bub and Bob are two of the coolest characters ever
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    half life and its mods ... 1st one was "Yie ar Kung Fu" on my old c-64 machine.. any1 remember that one?!?!
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    richemp said:


    The HNL and Triple Play Series... i remember in the first version of NHL on Sega Genesis after playing a game we were writing all the stats of our players on paper because it wouldn't save anything!
    Summer Games,Summer Games II and Winter Games (C64)
    Leaderboard (C64)
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    orbittwz said:


    max payne twice and Unreal Tournament 1 three times and also quake 3 twice.
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    anime673 said:


    played so much of warcraft2 and ut on lan and over tcp/ip. next would be doom2, duke nuken 3d, red alert 1, delta force 2.

    i can still remembe the time when i bought war2 and doom2. ahhh the forgotton memories.
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    Rrroaaarrr said:


    Damn, I totally forgot about Warcraft 2! Best real time strategy game ever. Played it almost every day for 2 years straight
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    iNFeRN@L said:


    literally hours and hours of.... Interstate '76, the best game ever made, not even bored with it today
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    I played the original on an Acorn (British computer) then I played the C64 version and finally Elite Plus on the C64. I played that game for close to ten years.

    Good stuff.
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    Everquest. 3 years straight... I didn't buy, download, or demo any other games. Played it everyday for at least 3 hours, and on raid weekends I'd play 12+ hours. Damn I loved that game.
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    For me, it would have to be Moria for the Amiga (though I've racked many hours on the PC version as well). Everquest would be a close runner-up with Unreal Tournament placing third.