The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

Thread: The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

  1. teki's Avatar

    teki said:


    in order of time spent:

    Team Fortress (1)
    Infantry Gravball
    Diablo 2
    Tribes (1)
    Unreal Tournament

    i would rate a lot of single player games as favorites, but its only the multiplayer competition that keeps me coming back and back and back...

    would you believe i've never played countrstrike? ehe
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    wildbill06 said:

    Default battle field

    I don't know about you guys but I can not stop playing BattleField 1942, I even bought this game, first one since Deus ex!
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    - PzY - said:


    Heroes of Might and Magic II... wow did I spend too much time on that game...
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    ch40z said:

    Default Re: battle field

    Originally posted by wildbill06
    I don't know about you guys but I can not stop playing BattleField 1942, I even bought this game, first one since Deus ex!
    So that's the game you played the most in your entire life?

    I think some people don't get the meaning of this thread.
  5. acidack's Avatar

    acidack said:


    Of course the Mario brothers series, the game si finished and still stated all over. Good old days.. hehe

    Now, the only 'old' game i have is the Fifa 2002 World Cup game. Until of course FIFA 2003 comes out, until than, i just collect, try then delete.
  6. pepsi_carola's Avatar

    pepsi_carola said:


    Diablo2 forever.
    i'm pretty sure i play it again when Patch 1.10 is out.

  7. shappy1010's Avatar

    shappy1010 said:


    Monkey Island Series, still play them now and again.

    more recently:
    Max Payne, hell, very different, but I like genre breakers
  8. Nuvian's Avatar

    Nuvian said:


    hmm games ive played the most...
    Diablo 2 (HC offcourse)
    HL TDM (3 years)
  9. Dajinxter's Avatar

    Dajinxter said:


    In no specific order

    Civilization.. All of ém
    Championship manager... ( CM2 Ital.. 2 seasons with AC Milan without loosing a match... Just bought Eric Cantona.. GOOOOAAALLLL) erhmm got a bit carried away there.

    Close Combat... Whupping that Allied Ass...

    ( My wife says if i dont stop gaming she´ll divorce me... Dang im gonna miss her.. Who´ll bring food ??? )
  10. thegiz's Avatar

    thegiz said:


    Top 5 in order from most to least...

    Doom - PC (Single player... But then once we discovered multi-player.....!)

    Birds of Prey (Amiga)/NHL 2000 (PC) <- Winning the cup with face in game was MONEY!

    Project Stealth Fighter/Airborn Ranger (C64)

    Super Heuy/Infiltrator (C64)

    Defender of the Crown (Amiga)/Bruce Lee (C64)

    I just don't put the same amount of time into the newer games... I guess that's cause I don't HAVE the time to put in!

    The saddest thing is, that I wasted the MOST time (more than I actually PLAY) downloading countless numbers of games that I was never gonna play
  11. palmarenko's Avatar

    palmarenko said:


    Ut since the demo (log time ago)
  12. Torque's Avatar

    Torque said:


    (I´ve been playing it on a daily basis for 2 years now.)
    If you have missed this one, download the 18 level demo here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Rymes said:

    Default Most time consuming games

    The games I've played the most in order:

    1. Tribes 1 & 2 (Played 1 non-stop till 2 came out, been playin 2 ever since)
    2. Street Fighter 2 (Arcade + SNES)
    3. Master of Orion 2 - pretty much my favorite game ever, would sit down for 10 hour sessions. God help me when MOO3 comes out!
    4. Evercrack, crappy game, just played alot since friends played.
    5. Ultima 7 (all expansions, best rpg ever made)
    6. Heroes of Might & Magic Series (since Kings Bounty on Genesis!)
    7. Warcraft 3, Been rackin up alot of play time since it's release. Insanely fun multiplayer. Easily the GOTY.

  14. liddokun's Avatar

    liddokun said:

    Default ...

    1. Everquest - over 3000 hours. for 2 years, I didnt play a single other game, not even for a minute. everything else was completely uninteresting. Note: I took about a 6 week break, and spent half of that time at work, reading websites, forums about everquest.

    2. Starcraft(before EQ) - would play this until I lost feeling in my hands, and could no longer type. extremely painful. quit just before broodwars. I hated broodwars.

    3. everything else - Doom, Carmegeddon 1/2, Urban terror, quake 3,warcraft 1/2... lots of games I cant remember right now

    I havent played EQ or starcraft in well over a year
  15. Kojak1970's Avatar

    Kojak1970 said:


    I remember spending a lot of time playing Pac Man and Defender on the Atari 2600.

    Lode Runner, Racing Destruction Set, The Great American Cross Country Road Race, Impossible Mission, Phantasie, and Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord occupied a *LOT* of my time on a Commodore 64.

    PC games that I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing would be Dune 2: Building of a Dynasty, Master of Magic, and Quake 1 multiplayer.

    None of the games released recently (last year or so) really strike me as gaming addictions. Play it once, gee, this is a cool game, finish it, and then never play it again.

    Merely my opinion, though. I could be wrong.
  16. IraqiDrunk's Avatar

    IraqiDrunk said:


    Command and Conquer for DOS
  17. tribal's Avatar

    tribal said:


    4D Sports Driving, best racer i ever played.
  18. L][NK's Avatar

    L][NK said:


    Prince of Persia and Operation Wolf on my old 286.
    heck i still play them. and still icant pass the bloody air port level in Operation Wolf.!!!
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    Dude_NJX said:


    Originally posted by shappy1010
    Monkey Island Series, still play them now and again.

    more recently:
    Max Payne, hell, very different, but I like genre breakers
    I thought I'd be the only one to mention the adventure genre.
    Monkey Island and Gabriel Knight series!
    Best time ever spent playing computer games.
  20. jambo81's Avatar

    jambo81 said:


    The game I played the most is the CM series, cause there's a new version every year and I just love it. But a game I've played for many many hours in the past is UFO:enemy unknown. I just couldn't stop playing that game, de rest of the series wasn't that good. I just can't wait for UFO aftermath to come out, hope it's like the first one.