The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

Thread: The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

  1. fro5tie's Avatar

    fro5tie said:


    Civilization on my old Amiga, i would be up at 5 in the morning playing a game! and more recently Counter-strike
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    cptngman said:


    SPORTS GAMES like tiger woods and links and racing]games

    I personally like BF1942
    and MOH

  3. SpikeOTK's Avatar

    SpikeOTK said:


    counter strike fo' shure
  4. |PRisoNR|'s Avatar

    |PRisoNR| said:


    Civilization (the original)
    & the greatest game of all time X-COM:UFO Defense.

    As far as multiplayer gotta say original Quake, musta played that daily for almost 2 years.
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    tdbone1 said:

    Default the most

    there was a time i played the hello out of
    pac man
    donkey kong
    missle command
    (space invaders)

    space invaders had to be the most
    in arcade and on atari 2600

    wow that takes me back
  6. madewla's Avatar

    madewla said:


    All the FPS series on PC, including the crappy one like Extreme Paintbrawl.
  7. Quadwarez's Avatar

    Quadwarez said:


    Starcraft Brood War, Worth The money, I have bought Starcraft 3 times, 2 of my so called firends stole my cds and took my keys, worth the money to play on B net.
    Starcraft is such a fun and well made game, and they have the use map setting thats makes it feel like your playing a whole new game.
  8. Anekta's Avatar

    Anekta said:


    Well guys, I have to admit, you brought back so many memories with all those games.

    I am so happy to have been born and grew up right into the evolution of the gaming industry. From the early 80's up to today, I believe its one of the best thing a kid up to his teens and now adult could off pass through in his life. I mean the whole technology around computers and the internet plus the gaming is something someone should'nt miss.

    Thanks again for all those great gaming moments you all been talking about in this thread.

    Cheers everyone and yes!! the best is yet to come with all the promissing games we will see in 2003 and so on....
  9. LemmyFill's Avatar

    LemmyFill said:


    Probably Ultima III on the Atari 800.

    Once I'd finished the game, there still wasn't anything else like it for the Atari, in the "RPG" sense. So I kept playing it, with those characters I'd just beat the game with, and decided to fill the entire land mass with chests. Whenever you killed something, a chest appeared in its place. If you didn't open a chest it would stay in its location, so I started filling up the continent with chests. Had to be careful not to kill a monster on a spawn point (which were fixed) as if a chest was on a spawn point then nothing would spawn there. After some time I had a little path of single-width corridors all along the continent, connecting the spawn points.

    I'm actually glad I don't have that kind of free time any more.
  10. semtex-78's Avatar

    semtex-78 said:


    heros quest aka. quest for glory 1 with 16-colors not the 256 version

    Ultima VI

    Ultima I-V
  11. zeilon's Avatar

    zeilon said:


    Hmmm...EverQuest...ever since beta...took a shitload of time, especially in the end being part of one of the top guilds.

    M59 back in the days hehe


    Singleplayer games...well the old Questseries and most old adventure games.

    Most games nowadays last 3-4 days...kinda sad
  12. myass's Avatar

    myass said:


    I would have to say several:
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Come on I was in college, great to play drunk)
    Street Figher II: Turbo (Sega Gensis)
    Mortal Kombat (Sega Gensis) <- I still remember the blood code (ABACABB)
    Super Street Figher II (Sega Gensis)

    Tekken2 (PSX) Give me Paul Phoneix any day.

    In fact I would love to see a fight between Ken (SF) and Paul (Tekken)
  13. Dirtymex's Avatar

    Dirtymex said:


    I would probably have to say delta force 1+2 i played that game online for about three years on and off. Too bad in delta force landwarrior they changed the engine and messed it all up.
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    ChibiMiko said:


    The game StarCraft just keeps on screaming in the back of my mind, but that just seems to newschool for out of ALL MY GAMING LIFE! But its just one of those super replay vaule.

  15. defais's Avatar

    defais said:

    Default Bards Tale

    Ive played all the mayor games on most platforms..but the one i played day and night for months was Bards Tale on nice. i even have the original 5.25" disk spared.
  16. Garrett76's Avatar

    Garrett76 said:


    For me & my friends, it has to be Space Harrier (the original one) on the Sega Master System.

    My friend was way better than me and it was his game cart, he played it so much that he could finish the game WITHOUT watching at the TV screen(except for bosses). He knew "by heart" all the enemies patterns for all the stages, getting almost 100% of them....

    This is achieved with tremendous amounts of practice (I think about it today, geez, this was frightening....).

    I guess that we had too much time on our hands back then!

    I also have to mention all the Sierra "Quests" games (Space quest-my fave, Kings quest, Quest for Glory and Leisure Suit Larry of course)

    I'm french and I learned all my english with these games by typing commands!!

    GET THE BROOCH...hehe

  17. ViperPT's Avatar

    ViperPT said:


    Starcraft and Diablo 2

    Probably i will spent at least the same ammount of time with warcraft 3

  18. CoZMo1's Avatar

    CoZMo1 said:


    This is a tough one 'cause I've played soooo many game, but here goes:
    Crush Roller
    Monster Bash
    Donkey Kong
    Street Fighter 2
    Phantasy Star (the original on sega master system)

    Once I got into computers (for the longest time I didn't play games):

    Diablo 2

    Well, I know that I was supposed to choose the one I've played the most but I honestly have played and continue to play all these games on and off for years.
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    Dragonrah said:

    Default Re: ...

    Originally posted by liddokun
    I hated broodwars.
    How the hell....That exp was brillant.
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    HarpooN23 said:


    There are some many of them...

    In my old ( very old! ) Amstrad CPC 6128 :

    - Rambo III

    - Ikari Warriors

    - Panda Kickboxing (released in SuperNes later as Super Kickboxing or something like that )

    - Chase HQ

    And now on PC:

    - Alone in the dark

    - Doom, Doom II

    - Wolfenstein 3D

    - Blade

    - Medal of Honor, etc, etc...