The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

Thread: The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

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    Anekta said:

    Default The game you played the most since you are a gamer!!

    Hello all!

    Im new here and I think theres alot of good topics in here. Today I ask you people which game did you play the most since you started playing games.

    For me I would have to say the Diablo series. First played it on the Playstation and I said to myself, what the hell is this s**t? had sucky graphics and always the same gameplay in dungeons and all. Then one day I started playing again on my first Pc. Damn!! I got hooked up after a while and could not stop playing. Id say its the most addictive game I ever played since, in my opinion.

    What about you? What game made you an addict gamer and totally made you forget the meaning of the word SLEEP?

    Thanks for anwsering. Have a nice day!
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    DarthYoda said:


    Mh.. I donīt know... Super Mario Land 1+2 or something like that *lol*
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    rockwaldo said:


    Dungeon Master on the ST
    -thats right the ATARI ST!!! suck it down Amiga owners, 1 year later you had it, and you never got "oids" either!!! - sorry i digress....

    Dungeon Master truly was a great game.....
  4. Cloud03's Avatar

    Cloud03 said:


    Pong and Tetris

    Ha i was first to say them
  5. CrapErik's Avatar

    CrapErik said:


    I have played half my life away, and the biggest reason for that is Championship Manager, every single fucking version of it since 1992.
  6. Obfleur's Avatar

    Obfleur said:


    Without a doubt, the Championship Manager series.
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    seeker28 said:

    Default thereīs no doubt

    that my days and nights was CS, Quake and UT
    also civilisation, in old medieval times, when PCs werenīt born. Atari was my teen idol
  8. PhillMJnet's Avatar

    PhillMJnet said:


    probably goldeneye 64, or counter strike.
  9. Mischko's Avatar

    Mischko said:


    Championship manager series, like above, played it since the "green one" from 1992, the sadest thing is that with the new ones u can see how many IRL hours/days etc you spent playing , i think i quit the 00/01 one after 173 days (and thats real gaming time , not time installed on computer) ,

    now i have a gf and hope to live happily ever after
  10. Dragonrah's Avatar

    Dragonrah said:


    Starcaft, Damn, spent so many hours schooling people on :-D Best 50 bucks ever spent!
  11. WW-2's Avatar

    WW-2 said:

    Default European Air War & Janes world war II fighters

    European Air War & Janes world war II fighters

    I cant never get enough flight sims and combat flight simulator 3 just went gold
  12. MaTriXs's Avatar

    MaTriXs said:


    defently for me the old sierra quest series , my favorit is space quest and I love them all .

    but the game i played most since it came out is diablo II
  13. Gabriel's Avatar

    Gabriel said:


    probably Medal of Honor lately, but back then, any Final Fantasy game on psx.
  14. ZiNo's Avatar

    ZiNo said:


    I think that must be Player Manager on the Amiga 500...
  15. bananana's Avatar

    bananana said:


    championship manager in its many versions :/

    a close fight between digger and ports of call on second place
  16. ch40z's Avatar

    ch40z said:


    Quake 1 (+ mods) and Half-Life (+ mods)
  17. AnimeAdmin's Avatar

    AnimeAdmin said:


    Dragon's Breath on the AMIGA = 14hrs a day WHY?!? lol all summer

    Dungeon Siege PC = 7hrs a day bah
  18. hugo slokm's Avatar

    hugo slokm said:


    captive on the amiga
  19. Rulas's Avatar

    Rulas said:


    Age of Empires
  20. Seraldo's Avatar

    Seraldo said:


    I have to say the Sensible Soccer series in the Amiga. Back in the early 90s it was nothing short of brilliant. I still regard it as one of the best gameplay ever to exist in a videogame.