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    Hi, I stumbled across this site and was hoping to find some good advice. We are wanting to add a DVD player to our 2001 Chrysler Town and Country.

    We stopped by best buy to look and we were suprised at how tiny the monitors are. Can children in the far rear even see the screen? Is there a market for larger screen monitors at all?

    We are not worried about having anything fancy or the top of the line, just function. What are the dis/advantages between the portable sets, the flip down sets and the big ones that sit on the floor between the two front seats?

    Any opinions on particular ones that are the best bang for the buck? Good for cans? We would liek to do this as cheaply as possible. Who doesn't though, eh?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or insights you can offer! :thumbs

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    LOL u want a JML jobby they are pretty cheap, and if u see the advert its most entertaining