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    Ryan5262 said:

    Car Shudders

    My car has developed a shuddering when i hit 60mph+ and i just cant think what it is i am not sure if its from the wheels or the engine but also happens a bit more when i turng right is it my weels need balancing? or somthing else?

    Cheerz for any help given

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    Gunny said:

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    Yes, that sounds like you need your wheels balancing mate.
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    urbsy said:

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    If possible try to find a place that will balance the wheels on the car , costs a bit more but gives a true balance of the driveshafts , suspension components etc.

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    Ally6393 said:

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    Most likely the balancing however if there is steering wobble check cv joints.
    If there is severe vibration when braking this would indicate worn brake discs.

    Sometimes you just lose a wheel balance weight or have you put a spare on recently?

    Hope this helps!