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    ...possibly one of the most trivial questions ever...

    During lunch at work we have been having a Windows XP Pinball comp - now my boss has always claimed that his PC is crap for this and that's why he can't do as well - so we all laughed at him. However having had a quick test he's right.

    Heres the problem.

    On pinball I find it's fairly easy to get the ball up the launch ramp from the left flipper on my PC, however on his PC it seems the flipper doesn't have enough "power"? We're using the same keys, I've tested my keyboard on his PC and still have the same problem. Both running IT installed XP (so in theory (!?) the same)

    Main difference is I'm on an old 733Mhz PIII and he's on a P4 1.8Ghz.

    Any reason for this that you can think of?
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    Sounds like the pinbal machine that all the travellers bring to our area with the mayday fair. all the flippers are knackered so it eats your money faster...

    maybe he's got some program running in the background that's eating all his processor power? clutching at straws here though...
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    Same as what Mr James says or possibly (very big straw) a dodgy video card driver so it's not using hardware rendering for DirectX and is using software etc??
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    OK guys - will look into it.