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    Default One Bad Incident After Another For Unlucky Pizza Man

    One Bad Incident After Another For Unlucky Pizza Man

    POSTED: 7:52 a.m. EST January 28, 2004

    JAMESTOWN, N.Y. -- It just wasn't Erik Carlson-Coulter's day. The Pizza Express deliveryman started out using his wife's car for pizza runs Monday.

    But he had to switch to his own car, after getting struck by a hit-and-run driver in Jamestown.

    While making another delivery, Carlson-Coulter drove into what he thought was a pile of snow. But it wasn't snow, it was a toilet. Police say the john had apparently fallen off a pickup truck.

    Officers responding to the mishap discovered that Carlson-Coulter's insurance had lapsed. He also owed $125 in unpaid parking tickets. To make his bad day worse, Carlson-Coulter was hauled to police headquarters.

    But he finally made it home after paying his parking fines.
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    Default Re: One Bad Incident After Another For Unlucky Pizza Man

    that could happen to neone, if he'd of got struck by lightning it would have been impressive


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