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    Default ITV3 to launch by the end of 2004

    ITV3 will launch by the end of 2004, Charles Allen has announced.

    The channel will aim at an older audience, being the counterpart to ITV2 which usually aims towards younger demographics. He said:

    "The third channel will give us the chance to do things like whole nights or weekends of, say, Prime Suspect or to get viewers switching from one episode of a drama on ITV1 straight to the next episode on ITV3."

    However, he said that no decision has been made yet as to whether the channel would be available for free or whether it would only be available on pay-TV platforms.
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    Default Re: ITV3 to launch by the end of 2004

    They think people will pay to watch ITV ????? Jeez you couldn't pay me to watch the shite on that channel
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    Default Re: ITV3 to launch by the end of 2004

    I like to see the rating they are expecting, how many people will watch the channel. Don't think they going to make any money out of it. There too many channels out there, i just about watch only 10 channels on sky ........... lol

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