Rita's charge appears in the Gazette

airing 01 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Cilla is furious to find the article half way down page 10, but still rubs it into Rita's face

· Rita appears in court
airing 02 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Rita puts on a brave face in court, while Chesney puts on a great performance via video link
· Rita lets the court know what she thinks
airing 02 Feb at 20:30 on ITV1
As the court awaits to hear the verdict, Rita explodes and decides the court should know everything
· Janice has a heart to heart with Harry
airing 04 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Wondering why has hasn't turned up at the factory, Janice goes to find out what's wrong with Harry
· Has Tracy finally got her own back?
airing 06 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
When Steve turns up to hand in the seating plan, the hotel can't find their wedding booking
· Tracy has a surprise for Steve
airing 08 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
When Steve calls round to Tracy's to confront her about his wedding plans, she goes into labour
· Tracy gives birth
airing 09 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Steve drives Tracy to the hospital where she has to put up wth a fussing Roy...
· Steve fights his feelings
airing 09 Feb at 20:30 on ITV1
Steve is torn between his marriage with Karen or his new baby girl. Will his visit change his mind?
· Will Tracy hand the baby over?
airing 11 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Blanche and Deidre make one last attempt to make Tracy change her mind about giving the baby away
· Liz and Andy arrive back in Weatherfield
airing 13 Feb at 19:30 on ITV1
Steve is pleased as punch when Liz and Andy return home for his wedding

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