Kat and Alfie bicker
airing 02 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
With Nana Moon due home any time, Kat and Alfie bicker over doing chores at the Vic

Micky urges Tariq to tell the truth

airing 03 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
Realising that Tariq maybe Ronny's last hope, Mickey urges him to tell the family his secret

Ash and Adi confront Mickey

airing 05 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
After upsetting Kareena with the truth, the boys confront Mickey and think he's lying...

Charlie prepares for the worst

airing 06 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
The day of reckoning has arrived and Kat and Mo work their hardest to get him to change his plea

Sharon receives an offer

airing 09 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
The aftermaths of the fire continues, but Sharon has an unexpected offer for Angie's Den

Kareena finds reality hard to cope with

airing 10 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
After finding out Tariq's secret, Kareena pesters him to find out why he kept it secret for so long

The Slaters visit Charlie in prison

airing 12 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
Charlie's family can't believe his up-beat attitude even though he is in prison!

Sonia breaks down while talking to Vicki

airing 13 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
Sonia's insecurities escalate when Martin tells her that the Valentines ball isn't important

The police arrive with a verdict

airing 16 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
The police visit Sharon with their verdict on the cause of the fire at the club

The Ferreiras invite Tariq over for tea

airing 17 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
Tariq has tea with his family, but Adi feels left out and seeks solace at Ronny's bedside

Janine becomes jealous

airing 19 Feb at 19:30 on BBC1
Janine sees Paul buying jack a present. Events reach a head and she is angry when Paul kisses Natalie

Paul isn't happy about JJ

airing 20 Feb at 20:00 on BBC1
JJ makes Yolande and Patrick breakfast, but Paul isn't too happy about their new lodger...


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