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    Default Detagged domain name

    Several years ago i signed up for a Dial-up ISP which offered a free domain name and hosting. I used it for a while and it was fine. For various reasons the the site was taken down by the ISP and I couldn't log into the FTP and all that was left of the site was a error page.
    It sayed like that for few years and I've always wanted to own the domain name officially. I originally used a fake name to register.
    Anyway now i whoised the name and it's been DETAGGED although the Registrant is still my by old fake name.
    Basically how long will i have to wait for it to become available for me to register it officially?

    here's some stuff from WHOIS

    Relevant Dates:
    Registered on: 29-Sep-1999
    Renewal Date: 29-Sep-2003
    Last updated: 13-Oct-2003

    Registration Status:
    Renewal required.

    thanks :thumbs

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    Default Re: Detagged domain name

    read this mate

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