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    Default Take the Super bowl Quiz

    Take the Super bowl Quiz

    (If you haven't already)

    Let's see what you know about the Super Bowl,

    When did it start.?

    Where was the first super bowl played?

    What was the cost of a 30 second ad during the first Super bowl telecast?

    Do you recognize these superbowl commercials?

    Why do they call it the Super Bowl anyway?

    But it's time to sit through another boring football game so we could watch some great commercials.

    Do you remember these great lines from these great commercials?

    "No really, you can have it"

    "1984 wont be like 1984"

    "this referee's a jackass"

    "I'm gonna get creamed"

    If you recognize these lines from past commercials you are spending too much time in front of the TV. If not you can hit the link and hear these lines to refresh your memory.

    If you think you can name the product offered in these commercials you might want to take the Super Bowl quiz.

    Try it. see if you know who played in more Super Bowls than anybody else, or how much a 30 second TV ad cost during the first Super Bowl.

    Take the quiz The Super Bowl Quiz

    The Quiz Kid

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    Default Re: Take the Super bowl Quiz

    Well seeing as we're mostly in the UK I think we'd all do badly....

    Welcome aboard and try to post in the correct sections please...

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