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    hi im moving from west midlands to devon in march i currently have blueyonder 1mb cable broadband using a linksys befsr41 router to connect my xbox and ps2 the area im moving to doesn't have cable so ill have to get adsl will my router work with adsl if i get an ethernet modem instead of the usb that most providers use? also whats the differance between adsl and radsl which one do i get ? t.i.a

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    yeah if you get a simple ethernet adsl modem (no router needed) you should be able to just plug it in as you do the cable modem into the linksys router. I did this when I got my first modem, had it plugged into my linksys as the modem only had 1 ethernet port.

    radsl is given to anyone on a 512kbit connection, its designed to work over longer distances, it adapts to the line conditions when there are problems. For most people they won't even notice any differences in speed. adsl is used for the faster connections the max line length is less.

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