New Teacher.

As it happens at times a class of 12 year olds found their regular Teacher was sick and they were introduced to their temporary supply Teacher.

She was very attractive and soon had the class under control.

With her introduction she announced that her name was Miss Franny and as an incentive for the class to remember her name she said,

"The first person to remember my name tomorrow morning can go an hour early".

Little Johnny thought to himself, I am up for that. her name is easy to remember its "Fanny with an R".

So all day Johnny is turning over in his mind "Fanny with an R".

On his way home its "Fanny with an R".

While he is doing his homework and eating his tea he is thinking, "Fanny with an R" and even while he is dropping off to sleep its still, "Fanny with an R".

The next day Little Johnny is the first in class and just bubbling with excitement.

The new teacher arrives and says "OK then who can remember my name".

Johnny's hand shot up and he shouts out "Its Crunt Miss"