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    Default WWE release Zach Gowen

    The WWE have released Zach Gowen from his contract. posted the news that they had "elected to end their contractual relationship" with him earlier today, and included this quote from Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Raw commentator Jim Ross : “Zach is only 20 years of age and I would be very surprised if we don’t see him in a WWE ring again some day"

    Gowen, who wrestled with only one leg, had previously worked a few NWA-TNA shows before being signed up by the WWE, but the expected media interest didn't reach the heights the WWE had expected, and Zach was written off TV late last year.

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    Default Re: WWE release Zach Gowen

    I think they brought him in as a publicity stunt. They guy was never gonna achieve much, his disabilty and body movement would have seen to that. Credit to him for stepping up there and having a go, he will walk straight back into TNA.

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