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    Default Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP fails

    Changed memory setting latency from auto to a manual, left other memory settings on auto. Experts at shop and me can not get working. All re-set CMOS moves tried - no joy no display, no boot. Memory and CPU teste OK. MB going to Gigabyte UK for repair hopefully.

    This is MB with a back up BIOS!

    Never overclocked or altered voltages.

    Well - how common is this of thing?

    Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP nForce3 150 chipset Mobo with new AMD 64 bit 3200+ CPU. 1GB OCZ memory, 1 x Western Digital 74GB SATA Raptor 10000 rpm HDD, 3 IBM HDD's, Pioneer DVD ROM, Sony DVD writer, M-Audio 2496 Audiophile sound PCI, XP pro SPI., Matrox P650 graphics, Sony DVI 18" LCD and NEC HT1000 DLP projector.

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    Default Re: Gigabyte GA-K8NNXP fails

    Not sure but i had 2 faulty Gigabyte boards in a week. One wouldn't recognise my 2600+ and the other a faulty BIOS chip. The Gigabyte standards have definatley slipped. Would advise to stay away if possible, can't go wrong with Asus, MSI etc.


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