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Thread: Long Boot Up

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    Default Long Boot Up

    Hi im writing this because i had a problem with a long boot up which took about 15 mins. i eventually fixed it. i read in another forum how someone took there hard drive out and plugged it into another com to see if it worked. he then saw it worked perfect and pluged it back in his old com which then booted up fine. When i read this i sed to myself that there is NO logical explanation for this to work. so one day i turned my com off and i sed i havnt got ne thin 2 lose since i backed my com up. so i took the power cable out of my com and then opened the case to take the wire connected to my hard drive. thing is my com is so small that i couldnt get my fingers into it (its the shuttle X). anyway i noticed that there was some dust accumulating on my com so i blew it off and blew in almost every part of the com i could. when i plugged my com back in and turned it on it booted up in 40 seconds. i still dont kno if its something to do with the power to the hard drive or if my com was just dusty but either way it helped me. I hope this helps anyone who has the same problem. i kno it sounds daft but jus unplug ur com and blow the dust off ur com (u will ALWAYS have dust on it since it attracts dust so either way ur helpin urself even if it doesnt work).
    By the way my problem was with booting up because once i got onto the logon screen my com would work perfectly.

    I also have a prob with virtual memory now so i turned off the page file since i read somewhere that it deletes it and then i placed it back on this shud make a brand new space for the page file i thought. i also did the delete pagefile on shutdown incase u want to do this follow the steps.

    1. Go to Start --> Run and type "regedit" (without quotes.)
    2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management.
    3. Modify or add the REG_DWORD entry "ClearPageFileAtShutdown" (without the quotes) and set its value equal to 1.
    4. You must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

    I tried This site which help explain some things.

    I dont know if this has changed anything yet but recently my com is running ALOT slower. Hopefully if i change the initial size and the maximum size my com shud work faster.

    I hope if u have any of these problems i hope this info has helped u out

    I think i found out the problem its something to do with windows XP and norton clashing together. u have to download a file from the official norton site the file is called LRsetup.exe. if once u have installed this u still end up with the message it should be because u have played around with the settings of the pagefile. just simply change it to what your computer is best with. to change this right click my computer>Properties>Advanced>Performance Settings>Advanced>Virtual Memory Change>Custom Size
    and then change the initial and maximum settings to what your computer is best with. I cannot tell you what it will be for your com maybe some1 who does kno will be kind enough to post it. ONCE YOU have set the initial and maximum settings CLICK SET and then apply the changes and ok you will probably have to reset your com after this. I hope this helps anyone who has this problem. I have been looking at the progress of my page file and it seems to be anything between 100 -180 and then sometimes shoots up to 271 i dont kno why. I have just changed the size of my page file and i just recieved the low memory message i am going to change the settings back to what they were a miniute ago which were 280 initial and 300 maximum. Either way the file helped alot because before it would OFTEN shoot to 1GB of page memory and slowed my com ALOT now it only goes between 100 - 300. Anyway i think the message only came up by coincedence and that it might have just went over my initial limit. if i recieve the message again after i boot i will change this and inform you about it. This really is starting to pi$$ me off now. i' hope someone needs this info in the future cos otherwise this is a waste of time lol. i think this info will be gold to someone in the future tho so im happy for them :thumbs
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    Default Re: Long Boot Up

    Thanks kb2-crx, much appreciate you taking the time to write this. Let's hope it proves useful to the members and guests here.

    All the best
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    Default Re: Long Boot Up

    cheers for that, one of mine is running XP with norton firewall and it takes about 4 mins to boot up............will check it..........



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    Default Re: Long Boot Up

    i had a long bootup time yesterday which was about 5 minutes... it was because my network had crashed downstairs and it was trying to connect to my network drives whie logging on.

    Also had it been caused by the logitech i-touch utlity before as well so i disabled the overlay options (i.e. when you adjust volume it doesnt tell you on screen, it just does it) as when your computer starts it displays i-touch utilities on screen which lags the pc for some reason

    anyway, anyone like my sig image? I find it rather cheesy

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