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    Default Hoster gone bust!!!!

    hI Can anyone help me rescue our website please?
    We are a working band and were sponsored by 2 guys some time ago.
    One of them registered and paid for our domain name.
    The other placed us on his server (main host is
    Both lovely guys (!!!) have gone out of business, disappeared and left us with a crocked website!!!
    Can we somehow get the site going again ...preferably still with
    I am not a webmaster so please excuse my ignorance. I understand that we need these guys to give permissions and make some tech changes for that to happen......or is there some other way?
    We have links across the world that are now would be great to retain the old domain name, but if not then I guess it's a case of getting a new name and starting over again?

    Any help would be really gratefully received. Cheers, Shotan (UK)

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    Default Re: Hoster gone bust!!!!

    hrn. ideally need to speak to the old people who used to do it and get a password from them.

    if you can't do that then for all intensive purposes you are ****ed.

    you could mabye get the domain back. try whoising it(google) and find out when it expires

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