Feb 11 2004

By Cameron Robertson

THIS is the moment distraught Karen McDonald runs from the church as scheming Tracy Barlow wrecks Coronation Street's wedding of the year.

The ceremony is thrown into chaos when Tracy screams to the congregation that bridegroom Steve is the father of her newborn daughter, Patience. He pleads with Karen to go ahead with the lavish wedding in a Corrie double bill next Monday.
As the trio confront each other, Karen, played by Suranne Jones, 25, smashes her stiletto heel into the church wall, inches from her love rival's face.
Tracy gatecrashes the wedding to claim back her baby from Roy Cropper. She conned him into thinking he was the dad and he paid her 25,000 to bring up the child as his own with partner Hayley.
Suranne, who wears a 4,000 gown for the wedding scene, said: "Karen's big day is in absolute tatters because Steve and Tracy have made a complete fool of her.
"She has been planning her Posh and Becks-style wedding for months. I feel sorry for her. Karen really turns on Tracy, the audience won't have seen her so mad for a long time."
Manipulative Tracy, played by Kate Ford, 27, became pregnant after a one-night stand with Steve (Simon Gregson). Since then she has been desperate to split him up from Karen.
Kate said: "She doesn't intend to cause such a scene but it just happens when Steve tries to manhandle her out of church."