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    Default BT Broadband Installation

    Well I have never seen this error before.

    Installing the BT broadband installation disc and when it does the system spec check it says the PC has only 33mhz processor when infact its a intel 2800 and the ram says zerro when there is infacy 1GB installed.

    The OS is XP.

    Anyone with ideas?


    It says

    Processor: needs 233mhz found 33Mhz installed 2800
    Ram: needs 62Mb Found Mb Installed 1GB
    USB Port: One installed active - None found?
    OS: Needs 98, ME, XP etc Found Windows 3.1

    Strange or what?
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    Default Re: BT Broadband Installation

    don't bother with the install disk it just adds a load of unneeded software.

    plug your modem in and it will ask for the drivers. point it at the broadband cd it will search and find them on there.

    next go to your network connections bit and make a new connection.

    the wizard needs the following info:
    connect to the internet, setup manually, dial up modem, (ISP) BT, (Phone Number) 0, username and password will be on a confirmation email.

    if you haven't got a firewall installed (norton, kerio etc...) make sure that internet connection firewall is ON. got to and makesure that the latest version of IE is installed and all the critical updates have been applied. it'll now be safer to deactivate your firewall. your p2p stuff should work properly now. download a decent firewall...

    (trial version of course )

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