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Thread: Mobile flood?

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    Default Mobile flood?

    Mobile phone flood how do they do that, :| A mate of mine said he had 50 msg's from a unknown sourse, Is their such athing as mobile flooding?

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    Default Re: Mobile flood?

    Yes this is possible, exploiting web sms services so that they can flood handsets with sms is possible, software can also be exploited to do this.

    Logomanager is a 100% reliable sms flooder, only problem is you have to use a phone and sim card with free texts or free smsc. To flood sms just open the window to send sms in logomanager and enter the phone number you want to send to followed by a ; and then the number again, example...

    07123456789; 07123456789; 07123456789; 07123456789

    This will send the message to the number 4 times, if you want to send it more times just keep copying and pasting the number.
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