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    VGA adapter on a PAL Xbox

    This would only give me the 640x480 resolutions right, but say if I was to change the Eprom to NTSC and apply that progressive scan patch would this allow higher res supports or would I just have to buy a NTSC Xbox.

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    Default Re: VGA adapter on a PAL Xbox

    When I changed my XBox to NTSC and use the HD kit I get the progressive mode options in the dashboard - plug in a regular serial and the options dissapear. In PAL mode I only get PAL and PAL60 options with the HD kit plugged in.

    I don't know how the VGA adaptors work though. Some VGA adaptors just have the phono connectors going into them - this then upscales a regular video image so no true HD output. Probably worth asking where you bought it from.
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