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    Default Code for Philips CAR 400 please, Cheers.

    Hi People,
    Urgently need a security code for the Philips stereo from my 98' Vauxhall/Opel Vectra 2.0Ltr.

    Details from the Stereo are as follows:-
    Stamped on the side of the stereo is: GM0400T1191976
    Philips CAR 400
    Part No. 90 462 560
    22DC 396/75 CAR400

    Has two barcode numbers, which are:-

    9022 213 96759 02 and

    003 9605 1191976

    I found a site which says that the Eprom is 24C16
    And the MCU (Whatever that is!) is: P83CE559EFB010 or 030
    That looks like its all the useful information on there. :|

    Please help, drivin around with no tunes and the FM radio on my mobile phone is sending me crazy!:grr:

    If you need any other information to help me out (like car chasis number or something I may have missed off the the stereo itself) let me know.

    Cheers in advance.:thumbs

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