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    Default Musicmatch Jukebox & Radio

    I had a basic version of musicmatch software that came with my free logitech wireless desktop set I updated the free software to the latest version 8.2 & had a mess with the radio side of it. You start off with the low kbps quality music, I changed this to cd quality kbps (don't know the bitrate) but it was limited to an hour's trial.

    Basically I was well impressed. I've signed up for a year, which gives me an extra week's trial at cd kbps. I like to be able to choose an artist & get decent quality audio streamed to me by that artist & ones related to them. You're not d/l the file but you can use other software to rip the audio stream to mp3 (yet to try this).

    The cost is only about $3 a month. The way the music is chosen for me is a plus point. I've sat in front of a winmx or kazaalite screen before thinking "erm, er, um" because though most tunes are there for the taking I can't be arsed to think of anything decent (and end up getting stupid stuff like the benny hill theme tune).

    Before my trial runs out I just want to make sure there's nothing else out there that is the same or better for no subscription. I'm happy with there being no commercials or ads too, I could play it down to my living room & leave it on in the background.

    So has anyone else got anything better to suggest to me..? Ta.
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    Default Re: Musicmatch Jukebox & Radio

    Yes i agree musicmatch is a qaulity programme for listening to radio and for creating a library for your songs.

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