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    Default Mondeo front bushes

    I've got a 1999 Mondeo TD (last of the old style) that has just passed it's MOT. However the tester said that the front bushes had started to crack and needed replacing before the next MOT. I had heard that this was a common problem on these cars. He also pointed out that the front drivers side tyre was quite worn
    Couple of questions......
    1) How much should the replacement of the front bushes be roughly?
    2) Could the tyre wear be put down to the bushes? Last year I ran over a house brick that someone had left in the middle of the road. I got my mechanic to look at the tracking etc the week after but he said that everything seemed OK. 12 months later the same tyre that went over it is showing unusual wear. Coincedence?

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    Default Re: Mondeo front bushes

    we dont replace bushes as you have 2 bushes and ball joint,some when 1 bush goes for the tight people that wont pay the extra it costs about £35 depending which side as one takes nearly twice as long as the other done correctly as the mechanics out there will know but to replace the ful;l arm it is only £55 and you get new arm both bushes and ball joint

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    Default Re: Mondeo front bushes

    If you pay more than 25 quid for a lower arm your buying it from the wrong place! The N\S arm takes longer to replace cos the foremost bush has a bolt going through it that must be cut because the gearbox is above it and won't allow you to lift the bolt up and out, it has to come downwards, so the head of the bolt must be sawed through to allow this. The reason is simple, the suspension and steering components are assembled first, then the engine and transmission is installed as a unit.

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