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    Default How come a week ago

    or so, the only radio's anyone was decoding where philips radios, and these where decoded with one reply by either Samson or a guy from Liverpool (my home town) called Mike to name two.
    Now it seems the only radios being decoded are Ford's and they sound like new radios!
    My radio is a Philips 22 dc 594/65 PHAPBFV9119437 it's from a 1997 peugeot 406 and all I need is the code and some help to install it. This radio does not do dance, trance or what ever you youngsters are into. It may be cranked up for the pistols or clash so me and my old banger can pogo down the country lanes of wales to a bit of nostalgia. You know nostalgia, to you it is probably playing doom at infant school but to us it was playing space invaders, eating a wimpey burger then racing our vauxhall vivas and ford escorts (the original ones) home late at night, which of course was 10:30pm (thats when the pubs closed), listening to a bit of Johnny,Sid or Joe.
    I don't know or really care for all this technology, I want to listen to Terry Wogan in the morning. So if anyone at all can make my last few years on this planet slightly more pleasurable then please, please let me have a code, Oh masters of technology.

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    Default Re: How come a week ago

    the answer is here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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