Backing up a PAL version of 007 EoN to your HD using dvd2xbox etc as we know doesnt work

To get round this all ya need to do is get hold of the latest version of Complex Tools (ive got 1.6)

Just make sure you configure the complextools.xml file to auto patch, to do so change the complextools.xml file from:






N.B !! when looking in your xml file it wont apear as above, i cant post the info fully as the board sees it as html code,

You need to add the < symbol at the start of the line and again before the / symbol on each line in order to read correctly and as seen in the xml file.

its default is 0 but it MUST be changed for both xbe's to be patched

It works great unless your running the xbox in NTSC mode

It will still freeze at Level 4 (as the NTSC newsgroup releases do) because the movie it is trying to load is PAL only !!
So make sure your switched to PAL and all should run fine and dandy.

Hope this helps some people out there

P.s dont ask me where to download Complex Tools from