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    Default THE RULES & FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING 17/02/2016 FAQ
    LAST UPDATE: 17/02/16

    I'm going to start covering the most frequent questions in this post and will update as i go.

    So, what's the primary rule for new members?
    We have a large forum with many new members every day. However, some of those members join to leech information and never return again. We do not want those members, if you are one such person I recommend you leave now.


    What in an infraction? and why have I got one?
    Our infraction system is much like a driving license.

    All members start with zero points and points are added for infractions (or breaches) of DF rules, policies and etiquette. All levels of points last for a period of 30 Days after which they will expire.

    If a member goes over 5 points, they will lose access to DF for 24 hours.
    If a member goes over 10 points, they will lose access to DF for 7 days.
    If a member goes over 15 points, they will lose access to DF for 30 days.

    Any member given a 50 point infraction will receive an instant and permanent ban.

    A list of current infractions and points is below:

    1 Posting In The Wrong Section
    3 Wasting Staff Time/Disregard For Forum Rules
    3 Insults/Abuse
    5 Abuse of Report Button
    5 Posting Links To Illegal Files
    10 Staff Abuse
    15 Racism
    15 Use of Company Names to Defame
    50 Spam
    50 Leeching
    50 Rejoining Forum after a Ban

    What the hell is Karma, and how can I get me some of that?
    Karma is basically a member rating system. If a member has helped, entertained, provided a link in biggys cheapskate section etc, you can give them karma.

    Everyone has a karma rating (the little green, or red blobs under each user's details to the left of every post). This rating can either be good or bad depending on how many positive or negative karma points they have received. Karma is dished out in different portions. eg, if an admin gives you positive karma, you will get more points than if some lowlife 10 post member gives you karma.

    As your karma increases or decreases you will attain more green or red blobs. the more green blobs you have, the more positive karma you have received, if you start getting into minus numbers (by receiving negative karma) you will start showing red blobs, not a good sign.

    You can give karma by clicking the button that is under your user profile in every post. click this, select whether you want to give positive or negative karma, and if you want leave a comment. If you wish to see comments people have given you, they can be found at the bottom of the user control panel: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    below is an explanation of how karma is calculated, in case you cared:

    If you have negative points, then you have red dots, which work the same way as above, but backwards. I'm not too sure at what value these start though, as there is a single grey dot inbetween the red and green. Grey may signify
    -20 to -1, or something like that.

    The amount of karma points a user receives when you give them positive karma, is based on your post count, length of membership, and your own karma level. I think it is 1 point of karma power for each 100 posts, 1 point per year of membership, and 1 point per karma dot that you have. So my karma power is about 21:

    1500+ posts = 15 points
    6 karma dots = 6 points
    0 whole years membership = 0 points
    total = 21 points is what a user would receive if I gave them positive karma

    If you give negative karma, the points are deducted from the person you're giving it to, but the points are only half that of your normal (positive) karma power.

    Finally, if you receive positive karma, it is green. Negative karma is red, and neutral karma is grey - this is when the person awarding the karma has no karma power i.e. has overall negative/neutral karma themselves. If at any point a users karma level is neutral or negative, their karma power becomes 0.....even if they have 50 million posts[/QUOTE]

    Why do some members have coloured usernames?
    We use the colour of usernames to distinguish between certain usergroups on the board:

    Administrator = red
    Super Moderator = blue
    Moderator = green
    VIP = dark red

    Please dont write full posts/thread titles in capital letters, this is considered both shouting and very rude. you will be flamed. Even if you feel your post is of particular interest to members, posting in all caps will result in some form of punishment.

    How do I become a VIP member?
    Being a VIP Member means you support our community and are given the honor of the coveted VIP Badge - you also get access to our great VIP Section [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] - It's only $40 a year

    I'm using a different website address to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and some things aren't working
    We did have a temporary domain issue and used an alternate domain at one point, however please note that you should now not use any other domain than or some board functionality may be lost
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    Default Faq

    see above
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    Default Re: THE RULES & FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING 04/11/07

    Updated rules: 07/04/09

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    Default Re: THE RULES & FAQ - READ BEFORE POSTING 25/05/14

    Updated rules 17th Feb 2016

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