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    Attention Access & Post Policy

    Satellite & Cable Forum Access & Use Policy

    1) This is a Zero Tolerance Policy, NO other warnings will be given or issued and violations of this Policy, will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

    2) Do not mention a satellite or cable provider by their Trading Name, Advertised Name or Commonly Referred To Name.

    3) Do not post any files, unless you are posting a link to a server not connected with Digital Forums. If Digital Forums removes such link, it will do so without explanation, warning or recourse and the link should not be re-posted.

    4) Do not post any images of any proprietary PCB or product, without the express permission of the copyright/trademark/licence holders written permission. Then post a link to a copy of that permission in the FIRST line of the post.

    5) If in doubt, Donít do it. Send a Private Message to one of the section Moderators and await their reply.

    6) All information offered by members, is offered of their own free will and without authentication by Digital Forums or itís owners. Furthermore, all information offered is done so as a way to educate people as to the legal possibilities and to further enhance the general education of members of the Digital Forum.

    7) Digital Forums, itís Moderators, Super Moderators, Administrators or Owners in no way condone or applaud the Illegal use of any Proprietary product or service.

    8) Digital Forums is a free and open public forum and in some way is reliant upon the support and co-operation of itís members in their Ďpostingí efficacy.

    Thank you in advance of your compliance.

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