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    Nikki said:

    Question Your job 07.11.07

    Your job, what is it? and how did u go about getting it? work your way up the organisation ladder? many members on this board as we know and all from different working backgrounds would be good to see how you people got your jobs.

    just an idea


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    -AMO- said:

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    I'm an unemployed bum at the moment, I've been looking for work for the last 4 months now with NO luck whatsoever.

    All the good jobs are taken and any jobs that even look worthwile require you to have experience in their sector already.

    So i'm flumoxed.
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    aufo8mycow said:

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    I used to be a Manager at Vodafone until last year, I am in my 20's with an Ok education, although I started just taking calls in a call centre and had a bit of a knack for complaints, so they stuck me in there, I hated every second of it!! You would not believe half the crap you have to put up with from 'customers' although I do remember one woman ringing up about her husbands 700 phone bill.. She told me he never rings premium numbers and could not understand why his bill was that high..Asking her if she had actually called the numbers she replied no, so I put her on conference and called it..She was then quite shocked to hear it was a gay chat line.. Needless to say, I never heard from her again, sometimes I wonder if they are still together lol.
    Anyway, I digress, and then they promoted me to Team Leader, then 6 months later to Manager with quite a substantial amount of arse licking!
    Finally last year I decided to jack it all in, as hated both the Management team and also the customers, (not all, we did get some nice people sometimes) and I went back to University where I now study Geology with bio chemistry and am now loving it!! Although hardly any money these days but still I worked hard for years in a job that although was well paid would never of given me any type of satisfaction.
    For those of you who are out of work, I still think my old job is open!! LOL seriously I wish you guys the very best in locating something you enjoy.
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    TwoPlAnKs said:

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    Well i just finished school and i'm going to uni in september so i just have a part time job in a shop, started working there as a paper boy when i was 13 and changed to a "Customer Assistant" when i turned 16, been there for just over 4 years now. not a very exciting story really.

    at uni i am doing computing and maths as joint honors, i sorta want to do computing as a career but there are just so many problems - having to deal with nerds, getting bored, low pay, hard to find jobs, too many crappy underqualified IT people applying for everything creating competition etc. so i want to do the maths aswell as a sort of general degree so i could apply to other jobs.
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    QfanatiQ said:

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    I left school struggled but eventually got a job as a Trainee Architectural Techinician (after yrs at college and one failed year at uni (Architecture) 1 more yr college), pleased to say after 8 years in the indusrty (2 of those day relase) i am ABIAT qualified, trying to get MBIAT, in my current postion i am CAD MAnager, i love this, will be moving to London at the end of the month (due to girlfreind graduating and having job there) trying desperatly to get another CAD Manager postition, bu proving difficult. If all tha fails, then i will do contract work (fancy word for Temping) get a feel for london again and build up some contacts.

    -AMO- when i first started looking for work, i sent my CV to people who were looking even though i did not have the skills they wanted, hence my day release. We all have to start somewhere, i knwo that start can be difficult to find.

    What kind of industry are you looking to get into?

    Twoplanks, having Maths with computers shoudl help you secure computing even more, depending on the area, math is a damn good thing to add on. Enjoy Uni m8.

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    gunner said:

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    I started doing A levels, but for some reason stopped that in favor of college, and that met it's demise as soon as i realised I could get stoned insted of going to lectures. From there I went to work at a small tin pot company as an assistant buyer. I worked there for around 2 years, developing my skills and learning from my boss who was very good at what he did.
    From there I moved to a company called Microwarehouse (Inmac, MacWarehouse) where I started in inbound sales. The money was better, and there was loads of perks, the downside was you got the odd call from a granny wanting to know every detail about a 50 printer, but I enjoyed working on the phones and began working more with the corporate customers. Over time I became the top inbound sales person and got moved to work within a corporate team, helping with only corporate customers and doing quotes and tenders.
    After a few months doing this, I realised that from my previous experiance I know more than most of the account managers, so I asked to be promoted to a New Business role. I got accepted for that and began with just a postcode area to cover and a target that scaled up every month.
    Basically I did really well and smashed target frequently and got promoted to look after established corporate customers. After doing this for about 18 months, I got promoted to stratigic sales, more money, less customers (but bigger customers). Then I got a bit complacent as I hit target every month without really doing much work and needed a new challenge.
    From there I have now moved to ComputaCenter as an account manager. They were head hunting me for months, and as they were offering silly money it was rude to not accept. So that brings me to now, still finding time to surf DF .
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    marcode said:

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    as of friday last week im unemployed. was on a year long placement at hewlett packard which has now ended.

    back to uni.. ..sadly.. i enjoyed working a hell of a lot more than uni. but id quite like to get my degree and get the fuck out of there.
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    jimbob2002 said:

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    Left school at sixteen as I got an apprenticeship with an Engineering company.
    4 Yrs apprenticeship, 1st year of which full time at college learning how to work lathes and milling machines, how to weld, some electronics, etc. Other 3 yrs at work with day release, ended up with an HNC in mechanical/production engineering, loads of other quals like NVQs, City and Guilds etc, and a Technical apprenticeship.
    Have worked various positions in a planning/operations capacity, getting a few promotions on the way, whilst doing a Degree part time at Leeds Uni, Beng (hons) Manufacturing Systems Engineering.
    Now manager of the planning dept.
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    MaxP said:

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    AH haa....

    left school at 16 to take up smoking weed and racing about on wizzy's
    forced into a 4 yr aprenticeship with the NFC/BRS/Excel logistics or whatever they all called nowdays.
    fully qulified heavy diesel mechainic with distinction.

    bummed from job to job to job. (inc bus driver/Milkman/working in effing tempos <- lowest point of my life)

    always had a keen eye for anything technical related and managed to get a rather nice job subbing to reuters in tower hill installing trader workstations...that was my first step into the IT trade about 10 years ago.

    currently manage the IT/Comms for a smallish opperation in the UK, who are part of a very very well known brewer. been here 3 years now....under paid and under valued..
    currently looking to get the fek out double fast time, but its real hard.
    they give away MCSE's and the world is now full of IT gurus who will work for piss.
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    matt1chelski said:

    Default Re: Your job

    I just finnished my GCSEs, im staying on at school for a year, and then im going to join the police force, at the moment im working for a supermarket, ya!!!
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    Cenus_ said:

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    I look after off-shore deliveries to the UK and Ireland (NI, ROI, Isle of Man, Channel Islands etc..) for B&Q allthough I work for TNT Logistics, who control the actual logistics of it. Soon to be moving over to another logistic company ACR who are what Hays used to be. Got it from starting work as a simple office monkey and working my way up I enjoy it
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    richie-rich said:

    Default Re: Your job

    I am currently working for the licensing unit, i am mostly processing the application for the new premises and personal licences for the brand spankin new liquor laws, that all alcohol selling people will be ruled under.

    i got it because me ma works in a local council building and gets notice of any going jobs (all legal liek) :whistle

    just to let people know the closing date for the application for everyone to get their new licences (everyone selling alocohol or staying open after 11pm needs one) is actually this friday 5th of august


    i work at thresher :thumbs ( Thresher wine shop rushden, actually) cheap/free booze for rker83
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    bellylea said:

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    Left school at 16 with basic qualificatins, got a job in local library 'cos my big sis used to work there. Then moved to a large Jamie Oliver sponsered supermarket as an accounts clerk (Boring as fcuk). Moved into IT on the helpdesk as I went to the pub with the HD Manager every lunchtime. Made redundant 14 years later with a nice wad of cash. Moved 400 miles and spent all my time giving my money to Ladbrokes, so got a job with them.

    Now managing a Ladbrokes betting shop and making big bonuses 'cos my muppet punters always back loosers....

    It is the lowest paid job I have had since I was 18, but loving every minute of it. Paid to sit on my arse watching horse racing and footy. Don;y get any better than that....:tongue
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    lombie said:

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    Self-employed window cleaner. Bought a couple of local rounds and built up the rest myself

    Work a max of four days per week and never past 3 O'clock. Those are the terms and conditions on my contract
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    Nikki said:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lombie
    Self-employed window cleaner. Bought a couple of local rounds and built up the rest myself

    Work a max of four days per week and never past 3 O'clock. Those are the terms and conditions on my contract
    nice terms and conditions mate. i like seeing people who build up there own business from scratch, shows real charatcter and determination.


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    MercuryRises said:

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    I did A levels, then got a part time job in a Wine Rack. Somehow i then got offered the Deputy Managers job at the Thresher up the road (Thresher and Wine Rack being the same company with different facias) After a couple years and some violent robberies I decided to get a real job.

    Now I work as a Customer Services Representative (Read Slave/General Dogsbody). and I hate it. The money is crap, the customers are bastards, and my prospects for promotion are minimal (Being the second most junior member of the team, there are 6 people above me in the queue)

    TBH I'm totally at a loss as to how I ended up talking to irate people on the phone all day, and at a loss as to what I should do instead, being as how I have no specific qualifications.

    I though about going to Uni, but I have no idea what I'd study, and what jobs I could get afterwards anyway.

    The old saying really is true. "I'd rather be playing golf"
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    Justcracked said:

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    Aboot to be a chartered accountant.

    Left school after 5th year went to college for two years doing a Business GNVQ, done as little as possible to get my grades (whilst there I did two weeks placement at an accountants)

    After college got a job aa a trainee accountant in the same firm I did my work experience in. Workied 5 days a week and completed my 2 years study of IATI (a accountancy qualifaicatio-> thought lower in stature and difficulty than chartered) going Tuesday & Thursdays 6-9

    Then completed my Chartered qualification last November, which entailed full time work, and going to uni on a Friday night 6-9 & Saturdays 9-5 for the first year then, only full time Saturdays on the 2nd & 3rd year. So I am just waiting for my letters after my name.

    Oh yes, at GCSE only got 1A 4B's, 3C's & a D
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    Karoline said:

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    I just did my gsces at school. I left with Maths, English, RS, Art, Music, German, Chemistry, Admin. I left school at 16 and worked in a factory. I did an svq in food and drink manufacturing at level 4 which lead to my job. I am still there and i am now a Technical CoOrdinator. I ensure the quality of the product is to customer specification. Its great.
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    Fusen said:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justcracked
    Oh yes, at GCSE only got 1A 4B's, 3C's & a D
    what do you mean only got? that's 8 passes. can't say "only got 8 passes"

    I left school in 2004 went to college for a year doing a gnvq and am now sitting at home in holidays most likely not going to get the grades to go back into another college, so i'll need to find a shitty job.
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    Crags said:

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    Well, left school, went to 6th form college - that was fucking hideous, it was worse than school. Dropped out of there worked in a pharmacy for 2 years or so, boring but good experience. Went back to college then to study photography and media, finished with a distinction and went on to Uni to study MDCA (multi disciplinary computer applications) and was head hunted while there by a local company, so went to work for them part time while at Uni doing director work and websites. Can you believe I was on 10k a year tax free while at Uni for working 2.5 days a week. Fucking superb lol.

    Anyway, due to bad management (I learned some valuable lessons there about how to run and NOT run a company) they lost a lot of their newmedia work, so I moved on. Worked for a computer store for a month then met an old college mate who mentioned about starting a business. Partnered up with him and another guy in '97 and been going ever since, although just 2 partners now.

    Has it's good days and bad days - bad being a lot more frequent than good nowadays. To be honest I think I'm just incredibly bored with my job now.