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    Attention ***Rules and Guidelines***

    Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to Biggys Cheapskate Corner! Seen a bargain, herd of an upcoming offer? - This is the place for you. Within this section you can post absolutely any bargain/freebie/offer you find.

    Below are a few basic guidelines to make sure the section runs smoothly.
    • Keep thread titles as clear and descriptive as possible. (instore/online, expiry etc)
    • Post as much information in the original thread as you can, dont just leave a link. (model, specification, images etc)
    • Absolutely no wanted or request threads to be made at all.
    • When posting, make sure to remove all referral links/codes. This also means no posting of "free ipod" type of schemes.
    • If you have benefited from something posted - take a second to say thanks - so the poster knows his/her efforts are appreciated.
    • If you see something (a leecher, tasteless comments, general moody members) - dont escalate the situation further by adding you comments. Just hit the report button below their username and a member of staff will deal with it ASAP.
    • Don't be a dick and take advantage of offers several times, leave the opportunities available to other members. DO NOT post illegal methods of obtaining goods, all offers must be within the law and fraud is not acceptable. Abuse of offers will result in an instant permanent ban.
    • The autocensor is there for a reason. DO NOT BYPASS IT. Do not promote any company the filter takes out. These are competitors of [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] owned by Rap, and in a nutshell, no Neo - no DF.
    Thanks for taking the time to read.
    Last edited by Bald Bouncer; 11th March 2009 at 11:20 PM. Reason: Update to clarify fraud is not acceptable

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