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    Theatrical release: 8/10
    Fan edit release: 7/10

    Okay watched Kill Bill tonight. Went into it with no expectations which was probably a good thing. To be fair the guy wasn't setting out to give a different angle on the movie just to compress both films into one which he does alright at.

    He only mentioned adding 1 deleted scene which was extra dialogue between Bill and Bea at the end. To be honest it added nothing (a lot of people say Tarantino had too much dialogue there already so putting back in an extra couple of minutes of un-needed albeit cool sounding dialogue was a strange choice). During the story of Pae Mai massacring the monks he added some kind of stock footage of a huge martial arts fight with guys on both sides which was strange as the story is just Pae Mai taking them out on his own). Also towards the end of the story he's added footage of Pae Mai doing the five point parm exploding heart technique on a couple of guys. I'm pretty sure that wasn't there in the original movies so it must have been bonus footage on the dvd or something*.

    As for footage removed I didn't miss anything apart from:
    He removed the whole Crazy 88 fight scene which kinda killed the flow of that scene as it goes from Bea taking out the masked dudes Orin had with her already straight to the fight with the young girl. For me it served to lessen the status of the youngster and ultimately the credibility of Bea being able to kill her. I was happy to overlook this but he left in the scene where Bill is telling Budd that Bea took out the whole of the Crazy 88 army. There had been no mention of that at any point so if you had never actually seen the movies you wouldn't know wtf he was going on about.
    Second thing removed that annoyed me was the removal of all references to Bea's daughter being alive and the scene at the end when the daughter comes out. Fair enough he wanted to remove the happy ending but for me, it should have stayed.

    Sorry if I have any info from the original movies wrong, it has been a good while since I saw them.

    In terms of the quality of the edit I would say they've done a good job. This is the first fan edit I have seen so it's hard for me to compare but considering how much chopping and changing and removal of scenes has been done it's pretty smooth. A few scenes were shortened which perhaps weakened their importance (for example Bea getting Hanso to make her a sword) but for the most part scenes removed weren't missed (for example Budd's story at the strip club).

    Overall, if you haven't seen the originals or have but didn't enjoy them don't bother with this, it isn't as good. If you did enjoy the originals you should perhaps check this out just to try and spot what has been removed, shortened, moved or added on.

    * I own the DVD's I have just not checked the bonus features you understand
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    Cheers for the review
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    Can an admin please rename this thread to:
    [REVIEW] Kill Bill X
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    wtf is Kill Bill X ?
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    You tell me! The torrent link you posted for 'Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair' was actually for 'Kill Bill X'. It's just a different fan edit.
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    Fancy removing the crazy 88 fight scene, thats a great scene. I wouldn't mind losing the kid though, a bit sentimental and I think was only added to make a cliff hanger ending to the end of the first film as originally it was only going to be one long movie.